Bulls Fall To Charleston Southern, 6-1

Bulls Fall To Charleston Southern, 6-1

CHARLESTON, SC – The University at Buffalo women's tennis team ended its Spring Break trip with a 6-1 loss to a red-hot Charleston Southern team, who won their 10th straight match on Thursday afternoon.  The Bulls have now completed their non-conference season with a 6-5 record.

The Buccaneers won the doubles point with victories at two and three, but the Bulls did claim a win at first doubles as Margarita Kotok and Tanja Stojanovska won their match, 6-2.

Charleston Southern won five of the six matches at singles, but Stojanovska won at singles for the Bulls as she came away with a 6-4, 6-4 victory at first singles.  The Buccaneers won four of the five matches in straight sets with freshman Emel Abibula taking her contest to three sets.

The Bulls will open MAC play at home on Friday afternoon when they host Akron at 1:00 pm.


1. Margarita Kotok/Tanja Stojanovska (BUF) def. Sophie Cloessner/Nicolin Luecke (CSU) 6-2

2. Mi'Kola Cooper/Valeria Koussenkova (CSU) def. Anna Savchenko/Chantal Martinez Blanco (BUF) 6-3

3. Kimberley Koerner/Yana Morar (CSU) def. Laura Holterbosch/Mercedes Losada Rubio (BUF) 6-2


1. Tanja Stojanovska (BUF) def. Nicolin Luecke (CSU) 6-4, 6-4

2. Sophie Cloessner (CSU) def. Chantal Martinez Blanco (BUF) 6-2, 7-5

3. Mi'Kola Cooper (CSU) def. Mercedes Losada Rubio (BUF) 6-1, 6-2

4. Kimberley Koerner (CSU) def. Emel Abibula (BUF) 5-7, 7-5, 1-0 (10-2)

5. Valeria Koussenkova (CSU) def. Anna Savchenko (BUF) 6-4, 6-3

6. Yana Morar (CSU) def. Laura Holterbosch (BUF) 6-3, 6-1