92 UB Student-Athletes Earn Diplomas at Graduation

92 UB Student-Athletes Earn Diplomas at Graduation

BUFFALO, NY – It is graduation weekend at the University at Buffalo and 92 student-athletes will cross the stage to receive their diplomas. Every team had at least one graduate with the track and field team leading the way with 21 graduates.

The University at Buffalo is the largest university in the state system of New York. This flagship institution has nearly 30,000 students, more than 230,000 alumni worldwide and is an AAU member.  Ranked 43rd among all public universities in the United States, UB professional schools such as Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Business and Engineering are ranked in the top 100.  With an aggressive plan in UB 2020, the entire university, including the Department of Athletics has immeasurable potential.

Here is a list of student-athletes that graduated this weekend.

Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Ryan Billian, Psychology, B.A.

Kaishaun Cathey, Psychology, B.A.

Brian Crimmins, Pharmacology & Toxicology, B.S.

Brian Cummiskey, Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

Seamus Degan, Biomedical Science, B. S.

Laurent Dure, Social Sciences, B.A.

Joshua Gali, Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

Barrett Kemp, Biological Sciences, B.S.

Treyvon Mask, Business Administration, B.S.

Michael Morgan, Social Sciences, B.A.

Daniel Normoyle, Psychology, B.A.

Tyler Scheving, Pharmacology & Toxicology, B.S.

Llyod Webb, Social Sciences, B.A.


Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Kailyn Arcury, Communication, B.A.

Corinne Birchard, Biological Sciences, B.S.

Brianna Colello, Exercise Science, B.S.

Miranda Daucher, Business Administration, B.S.

Christine Lyttle, Communications, B.A.

Megan Patterson, Psychology, B.A.

Amy Shaw, Studio Art, B.A.

Melinda Wheeler, Social Sciences, B.A.


Men's Swimming & Diving

Charles Barry, Communications, B.A.

Troy Birdsall, Social Sciences, B.A.

Garrett Clarke, Mathematics, B.S.

Andrew Cole-Goins, Business Administration, B.S.

Nick Hooper, Biomedical Sciences, B.S.

Scott Huang, Geographic Information Sciences, B.S.

Eric Jensen, Business Administration, B.S.

Martin Leigh, Pharmacology & Toxicology, B.S.

Callum Liddiard, Business Administration, B.S.

Nicholas Rodriguez, Sociology, B.A.

Reid Zyniecki, Business Administration, B.S.


Women's Swimming & Diving

Cristina Czyrka, Social Sciences, B.A.

Valerie Lortie, Business Administration, B.S.

Gloria Melofchik, Social Sciences, B.A.

Mackenzie Moss, Studio Art, B.A.

Brittney Walters, Exercise Science, B.S.


Women's Soccer

Cassandra Betancourt, Social Sciences, B.A.

Isabella Borini, Psychology, B.A.

Celina Carrero, Social Sciences, B.A.

Angel Hart, Environmental Design, B.A.

Dana Lytle, Social Sciences, B.A.

Jess Marlowe, Speech & Hearing Sciences, B.A.

Andrea Niper, Economics, B.A.


Men's Soccer

Braden Culver, Business Administration, B.S.

Alec Fisher, Business Administration, B.S.

Joseph Kuta, Economics, B.A.

Ryan Pereira, Environmental Design, B.A.

Austin Place, Psychology, B.A.

Steven Stryker, Sociology, B.A.


Men's Basketball

Willie Conner, Sociology, B.A.

Blake Hamilton, Sociology, B.A.

Raheem Johnson, African American Studies, B.A.

David Kadiri, Sociology, B.A.

Christian Pino, Business Administration, B.S.


Women's Basketball

Cassie Oursler, Psychology, B.A.

JoAnna Smith, African American Studies, B.A.


Women's Tennis

Laura Holterbosch, Business Administration, B.S.

Margarita Kotok, Communication, B.A.


Men's Tennis

Tony Miller, Communication, B.A.



Brandon Crawford, Social Sciences, B.A.

Mikel Demonte, Business Administration, B.S.

Jarrett Franklin, Electrical Engineering, B.S.

Houston Glass, Sociology, B.A.

Corbin Grassman, Communication, B.A.

Demone Harris, Sociology, B.A.

Torey Hendrick, Sociology, B.A.

Roubbens Joseph, Sociology, B.A.

Greg Lis, Sociology, B.A.

Michael Mitris, Business Administration, B.S.

Glynn Molinch, History, B.A.

Zach Smekal, Business Administration, B.S.

Andy Fidler, Psychology, B.A.



Ellie Bortiatynski, Psychology, B.A.

Caeleigh Heavey, Speech & Hearing Sciences, B.A.

Rylee James, Sociology, B.A.

Allyson Mayo, Business Administration, B.S.

Jillian Michael, Communication, B.A.

Victoria Nehls, Social Sciences, B.A.

Erin O'Connell, Psychology, B.A.

Madeline Scheffield, English, B.A.



Kyle Brennan, Exercise Sciences, B.S.

Brent Cleland, Civil Engineering, B.S.

Brian Dudek, Sociology, B.A.

Ben Haefner, Exercise Science, B.S.

Vinny Mallaro, Counseling

Alec Tuohy, Computer Science, B.S.

Tyler Utz, Business Administration, B.S.



James Benjamin, History, B.A.

Colt Cotten, Social Sciences, B.A.



Kenzie Koch, Psychology, B.A.


Women's Volleyball

Amber Hatchett, Nursing, B.S.