UB Unveils New Athletics Logo as Part of University-Wide Branding Initiative

UB Unveils New Athletics Logo as Part of University-Wide Branding Initiative

BUFFALO, NY – The University at Buffalo unveiled a new set of athletics logos on Tuesday. While the traditional interlocking UB logo will serve as the primary mark, a new wordmark and spirit mark were also introduced.

The new logos are part of a university-wide branding initiative. The new look for athletics is now more closely aligned with the university's strengthened and cohesive academic identity.  The university's news release about launch of UB's new brand and identity strategy is available here.

The new spirit mark is the first update to the bull since 2006. The sleek, classic bull head evokes a sense of energy, pride and action. Its iconic nature serves to represent the top-notch, competitive nature of UB Athletics.

Additionally, a bold new "Buffalo Bulls" wordmark with a modernized font was introduced. While "Buffalo" will replace the "State University of New York Buffalo" wordmark previously featured on uniforms and apparel, New York State will remain an important part of UB Athletics' identity.

"As the largest and most comprehensive public university in the State University of New York system, it is important that "New York" is still a part of our identity and reflects our athletic and academic strength, which is shown through our new tagline, 'New York's Public Powerhouse,' Director of Athletics Allen Greene said. "Our research also showed us that "Buffalo" has a very strong place in the hearts and spirit of the UB community. 

"The intent for branding with emphasis on New York was to stimulate discussion about UB's stature in New York, build momentum and tell UB Athletics' story in a thought-provoking way, and that effort was a tremendous success. Now that we are unified with every school and department at UB, we have more strength than ever before."

The uniforms, court and field will reflect the new branding and will be rolled out in the near future.

"This is a phased approach and will be executed as cost effectively as possible," Greene said. "We're still identifying a timeline, but we know the new branding will be implemented starting this summer."