For Prospective Student Athletes
High School, Junior College and Prep School Athletes


Thinking about becoming an NCAA Division I student-athlete at UB? Here are some things you need to know...

The NCAA has requirements for high school classes, gpa and SAT/ACT scores for all Division I incoming freshmen athetes. Be sure you know the rules! Check and be sure you have your 16 core classes, 10 core classes in your first 6 semesters of high school, and that 7 of those 10 core classes are NCAA approved math, English and science. 

Recruiting and Eligibility Presentation - The Basics

Prospective student-athlete checklist
Here is a simple, yet informative list of things that you can do to get ahead in the recruiting process.

Academic Eligibility and Recruiting
The NCAA website is a valuable tool with a lot of information about all aspects of collegiate athletics.

The Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete
This document includes all initial eligibility standards for current high school students and the new initial eligibility standards for students.

Initial Eligibility and the NCAA Eligibility Center 
Every incoming freshman student-athlete must register and be certified by the NCAA in order to practice, compete and receive an athletic scholarship at the Division I or II level. Click on the link to visit the Eligibility Center site to register and get more information on the Division I academic requirements.

National Letter of Intent
The National Letter of Intent (NLI) is the contract that an incoming prospective student-athlete signs with his/her university; the NLI is an offer of an athletic scholarship. The NLI website has information regarding signing dates, the text of the actual NLI, and much more.

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