Sports Medicine Facilities

UB Stadium: Smolinski Family Sports Medicine Center

The Smolinski Family Sports Medicine Center offers a state-of-the-art facility for the University at Buffalo’s Sports Medicine team and their student-athletes. The Smolinski Center has sixteen modality treatment and taping tables, two physician exam rooms and an open-space design to allow for ample space in the facility for functional rehabilitation for the student-athletes. This athletic training room is home to Football, Track & Field, and Cross Country teams, fully equipped with three hydrotherapy pools including a Hydroworx® for underwater rehabilitation and cardiovascular training.

 Smolinski Family Sports Medicine Center
UB Stadium Training Room
Alumni Arena: Rielly Athletic Training Center

The Rielly Athletic Training Center offers top of the line facilities to University at Buffalo student-athletes. Featuring twelve taping and treatment tables, multiple modalities, two physician exam rooms and sufficient space for rehabilitation. The sports medicine staff at the University at Buffalo provide the highest level of care for the student-athletes. The Rielly Athletic Training center is the home facility for Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling, Track & Field, Softball, and Swimming and Diving teams. Alumni arena is home to the main gymnasium, the Edward L. Wright practice facility, wrestling facility, natatorium, and varsity weight room.

Rielly Athletic Training Center